October 19, 2021
Top 5 UX Strategies To Elevate Your Website’s Ranking
Top 5 UX Strategies To Elevate Your Website’s Ranking
Posted On: October 19, 2021

When it comes to websites, if you don’t have SEO you won’t have traffic; and if you don’t have strong user experience from a leading UI UX design company, the SEO for your website will be impacted, creating a vicious, negative circle.

All in all, Google ranking of websites occurs on the basis of several ranking parameters, for instance, site structure, keywords, quality of content, readability, image optimization, keywords, inbound links and more.

Nevertheless, content is not just limited to maintaining images that load quickly, responding to search queries and giving access to superior backlinks. Sites that load slowly, have perplexing navigation, or are considered simply dreary by users will also be considered the same by search engines.  Search engines will consider it an inferior result and will rank it far below among search results.

Techniques to Enhance Your Site’s UX


Do a Bounce Rate Check

Visitors leave websites for a host of reasons. Frequently it is because the keywords you have selected are not relevant to the content on your site, visitors are encountering errors when they reach your site, or your website loads too slowly. In terms of bounce rate, you need to aim for as low a percentage as possible. 26%-40% is an ideal bounce rate range to stay within.

Utilize Accurate Headings

The headings you use in your site act as ‘breadcrumbs’ to guide visitors to their preferred destination. Additionally, they allow search engine crawlers to figure out the goal of your site. You can use bespoke UI and UX design services to ensure that accurate headings are used making it straightforward for visitors and crawlers to understand the purpose of your content. These headings need to organize thoughts, render a logical hierarchy and ensure that quickly scanning the content becomes a breeze.

Track the Average Session Duration

The higher the engagement and value level of your web content, the longer visitors will remain glued to your site, examining all your offerings. From your Google Analytics account, you can study how long visitors are staying on your website as a whole and also how each webpage is faring. You can take advantage of insights from this information to figure out what’s working on your website and what’s not.

Gauge the Speed of Your Site

As any leading UI UX design company will tell you, performance and speed of your site is a vital factor considered in the ranking. Each webpage’s load speed has an impact on the site in its entirety. With the help of free tools, test the current speed of your mobile and desktop website. Boosting your website’s loading speed helps you retain site visitors as well as helps with accurate indexing of your site by search engine crawlers.

Reinforce Navigation within Your Site

Though you may consider it obvious, the fact remains that a lot of websites do not have user-friendly navigation. This badly impacts its UX.

With bespoke UI and UX design services you can improve navigation by:

1.Avoiding elaborate, confusing or multi-level menu items

2.Ensuring that your desktop/mobile website’s navigation is user-friendly

3.Including a search bar so visitors can enter particulars of what they’re searching for on your site

So, are you ready to approach a leading UI UX design company to leverage all the top strategies that will make your website rank high and be loved by your users?

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