August 10, 2021
Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your eCommerce Business UX
Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your eCommerce Business UX
Posted On: August 10, 2021

If a user cannot purchase your items or services on an eCommerce site, you do not generate money. Client acquisition and customer retention are the two cornerstones of a successful eCommerce business. Visitors to your website have gotten increasingly difficult to convert into regular customers as eCommerce has grown. It’s no secret that user experience is critical to the success of eCommerce businesses. Because of poor usability and bad website UX, most eCommerce shops lost more than half of their potential sales. Ecommerce store owners must hire dedicated Magento developers and pay attention to the user experience of their brands.


Here are some top mistakes that a leading UI UX design company must avoid to carry on with a smooth business. 


Navigation Menu doesn’t Fit into the Screen 


The banner’s size is a major factor in causing this problem to occur. Hence, you must adjust your banner’s size in order to accommodate different screen resolutions. More than half of the screen shouldn’t be taken up by the banner.


The Drop-down list is beyond a Single Screen


There is a tendency for this to occur when there is a horizontal menu with many subcategories. The quantity of clicks is not the most important factor to consider when working on the site’s navigation. The three-click rule is no longer considered optimal. Users need to be able to navigate easily so that they always know where they are and where they need to go next. Make sure to hire dedicated Magento developers for implementing this. 


Unnecessary Negative Spaces


Whitespace is the term used to describe this area. Instead of leaving it blank, you can fill it. A login block, promotions, shopping cart, recently seen products or suggested products can be used to populate it.


Excessive Information on the Product 


While working on the website design, this problem arises. Conflicting needs from multiple teams are the most common cause. Some teams are focused on a new feature, while others are concerned with compatibility with existing products, and investors prefer that positive feedback be highlighted first. A leading UI UX design company should emphasize how the product will benefit customers.


No Announcement for Out of Stock Goods


Your business may run into this problem if it expands faster than you expected it to. Your turnover will increase as your consumer base grows. As a result of just having contracts with one supplier and one delivery provider, the owners’ expansion slowed down at one time. A simple solution would be to contact numerous providers of goods and transportation services. This includes replenishing the supply as quickly as feasible. A leading UI UX design company must inform your customers about the availability of items till that time.


Lesser Payment and Delivery Options


Payment is a critical part of the customer journey in eCommerce. A safe and trustworthy payment gateway is important, but so is a simple payment option. The customer must have a variety of credit/debit card options to choose from, as well as the latest local payment methods such as digital wallets and online banking. Also, the buyer may prefer a quick delivery, thus you should also offer multiple delivery options as well. Hire dedicated Magento developers and discuss it with them. 


Complicated Interface


1.Keep your customer’s trust by being truthful. Indicate clearly what happens when you click the buttons. 

2.Be sure to inform users of any additional expenses. So, you will increase trust in your online website and lessen the likelihood of cart abandonment;

3.Users are deceived by specific design strategies. Unwanted products are sometimes sold by clicking a brightly coloured button. It is possible that the dark technique will improve sales in a short period of time This, however, leads to an increase in returns, a corresponding increase in support requests, and a decrease in consumer loyalty.


User experience in an online store has a business potential that a leading UI UX design company should never neglect. A major benefit of investing in UX is that it increases sales and customer retention, as well as generating greater search engine ranks and reducing expenses in the long run. Customers will stay loyal to you as long as you keep your website design and user experience optimised.

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