December 22, 2021
Typical UI/UX Design Mistakes And How To Steer Clear Of Them
Typical UI/UX Design Mistakes And How To Steer Clear Of Them
Posted On: December 22, 2021

As any leading UI UX design company can attest, even after you’ve invested a substantial amount of money you can’t rest assured that your digital product is going to be successful.  The reason for this- poor or incorrect UI/UX design. Mistakes made during UI/UX design render your product practically worthless. With this in mind, we’ll bring to light the usual UI/UX design mistakes and how to avoid them.

The UI/UX Design Mistakes Commonly Found In Websites And Apps


Inferior Onboarding


Everyone is aware of the impact of first impressions. Around 85% of users decide whether they enjoy an application or website based on their first impression. As a result, a superior, interactive UI/UX design needs to be part of the process. A seamless onboarding journey, in terms of registration, login and more increases the number of users engaging with your app. Basically, using a leading UI UX design company will have a substantial impact on your app or website’s success.

Complicated Interfaces


If you analyze some of the highly popular websites or applications you would notice what makes them similar to each other, particularly in one aspect is that their interface is straightforward yet eye-catching. A friction-free and speedy solution is what the consumer demands today. And you can get this done with bespoke UI and UX design services. An elaborate and overly complicated UI will automatically be abandoned by them and never get to outshine on application stores. Users are bound to abandon your site immediately if they encounter a poor and elaborate interface. They would never be able to gain the upper hand on popular app stores.

Lack of Negative Space


Cluttering your site or app with a load of features and textual content would lead your users to frustration. Engaging features need to be given space to breathe if you want to highlight elements. Filling up the space unnecessarily to showcase all your app’s features would result in a higher rate of uninstalls and give your app an untidy appearance. It is imperative that you exploit best practices of UI/UX design, rather than crowding all your offerings on one screen.

Random Icons


Apps and websites are peppered with icons that are a vital part of their UI/UX design.  These graphical representations are crucial in putting forward the essence of your products/services and business as a whole. Research suggests that approximately 75% of people respond well to meaningful, customized icons. Since icons play a significant role in highlighting your brand through your app or site you can opt for a leading UI UX design company to help you choose them correctly.

Counterintuitive Navigation


Once the complete foundational UI/UX base is set, developers would need to streamline the app’s navigation. The navigability of an application or website should be thoroughly understandable to fulfil visitors needs and produce a user-friendly atmosphere. Placing navigation keys at hard-to-reach positions or concealing them behind complicated UI designs will result in the users leaving your app or site promptly.

Failing to Leverage Feedback


You wouldn’t be able to contradict the fact that businesses that pay attention to the feedback set themselves apart from the others. With bespoke UI and UX design services, they are also able to climb the rankings on app stores.  Frequently utilizing user feedback is a great way to arrive at excellent UI/UX design.

If you have a leading UI UX design company at the helm, you will have a road map to beautifully designed, profitable apps or sites.

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