April 12, 2021
Top Trends in the UI/UX design of mobile apps
The first impression of any mobile application is its UI/UX design. Along with connecting the users to the brand, it makes their journey smooth and increases the application’s ROI. Nothing can stop the success of an application that has great UI design and engaging content. However, with the continuous development of new things, the UX landscape is undergoing continuous transformation. Listed below are top trends in the UI/UX design of mobile a...
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February 16, 2021
Why It Is Important To Optimize Your Website’s User Experience
As a concept, UX does not merely apply only to digital products. Pretty much everything around you, whether it’s a jacket, a plate of pasta, or a website needs enhanced UX. The need to improve user experience arises so as to amplify sales by delighting users and presenting them an engaging experience with your offerings. With that in mind, we’ll now specifically explore user experience in relation to websites. Why do you need to optimize the...
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