November 16, 2021
Why Android Platform Is the Most Favorite for Businesses
Why Android Platform Is the Most Favorite for Businesses
Posted On: November 16, 2021

Social media and corporate applications have been huge successes, but there is a need for more personalized technologies. As a result, enterprises and end-users were able to benefit from tailored mobile solutions. 

The on-demand mobile app’s distinctive and prominent advantage is that it makes the marketing and branding of enterprises quite affordable.

In this article, we’ll explain why Android is preferred by a leading mobile app development company for on-demand application development:

Whopping Market Share


Android has a huge lead over Apple in terms of overall market dominance. Over 88% of the world’s cellphones are powered by the Android operating system. As a result, having an on-demand app on Google Play is usually a good idea when trying to reach a broad audience.

Easy Customization


In order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers, on-demand apps require constant updates. Android apps are more flexible than those on iOS. It’s easy for small business owners to tweak apps to fit the needs of their customers and take advantage of new business prospects. This is why businesses hire a dedicated android app developer

Data Storage


If you hire a leading mobile app development company, you’ll have access to 15 GB of free storage space if you plan on launching your product on the Google Play Store. Google Drive can be used to store the information. Additionally, Google has its own cloud storage in addition to Google Drive, making it easier to get to your data.

You’ll need a lot of storage space because on-demand devices often include a lot of consumer information and money generated from sales.

Voice Assistance


As a result of being backed by Google, Google Assistant gets access to a massive amount of data. When compared to Siri or any other voice-activated assistant, Google Assistant is more powerful and adaptable. App users may effortlessly search and remain up to date with relevant information thanks to Google Assistant. It takes the form of a discussion with the user and can make ideas that are unique to each one.



In order to keep consumers informed, every on-demand app must give out notifications. Hire a dedicated Android app developer to integrate this into your business. As a marketing tool, notifications can play an important role in promoting products and services as well as improving sales. Multiple alerts from a single app may be handled quite efficiently by the Android OS. App users don’t have to launch an app to respond to a notification. Apple has yet to embrace Android’s persistent notification functionality.

Multi-language Support


The majority of on-demand apps are B2C, so it is critical that they are available in all of the languages spoken by the intended audience. Android OS supports over 100 languages, however, iOS only supports a little more than 34. People-oriented industries such as eCommerce, health care, and more can hire dedicated Android app developers to get benefits from this platform.



Businesses of all sizes can profit from Android’s widespread adoption. If you’re a business, you need a strategy to reach a large number of people who use smartphones, regardless of the size or type of their screens. A leading mobile app development company is all they need.

Technologically Advanced


Most Android devices have a memory expansion slot. This on-demand app is doable in Android devices with micro SD cards even if it is quite huge. In addition, Android mobile manufacturers are located all over the world, so they have the ability to develop new features based on the most recent technology advances. To put it another way, the Android platform is awash in cutting-edge capabilities that may be used to make apps more appealing and user-friendly.

The rise of on-demand apps is undeniable, and today’s consumers are searching for a trustworthy and profitable app platform that will assist maximize gains and target the biggest number of users. Android is maintained and developed by Google, therefore it has the finest advantages for both customers and developers. Hire dedicated Android app developer now and get ready for the finest app. 


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