April 23, 2021
Top Trends Adopted by Tailor-Made Web Development Service Providers
Top Trends Adopted by Tailor-Made Web Development Service Providers
Posted On: April 23, 2021

The digital market is an intensively competitive space. Thus, business owners have to constantly evolve themselves to remain competitive. It is also important for business owners to foresee future changes before they start making waves. By foreseeing future changes in advance, your business can stay ahead of the competition. Listed here are top trends in web development that have already been adopted by leading providers of tailor-made web development services:

Voice search optimization-  Voice search has already gained popularity amongst internet users. Research predicts that over the coming years voice search will gain more popularity and will be primarily used by people for search. In 2021, the use of voice commands for smart and IoT devices will increase by more than half. The devices will not only be equipped to obey voice commands but also be able to recognize the differences between voices- thus offering a personalized experience. Considering the importance of voice search, providers of tailor-made web development services have already started to provide web services accessible through voice search.  

Testing automation– Automated testing makes use of specialized automated software testing tools to perform the testing process. With the digital environment becoming increasingly more competitive, leading web development companies have already started offering automated testing services. The two metrics that are used these days to gauge web development services are efficiency and rapidity. Thus, automated testing is being increasingly adopted as it helps web developers achieve both of these. Along with reducing the cost of the development process automated testing would also offer a superior user experience. 

Accelerated mobile pages– A web development invention ensuring quick loading of the web pages on mobile devices without any obstruction. As a trend AMP is fast picking up in the realm of web development as it offers superior readability and uncomplicated features. By allowing websites to load at a faster rate, AMP can allow even users having low internet speed to access the websites and thus allows small companies to compete with the big players. Leading web development companies offer accelerated mobile pages to stand apart from the competition. 

Progressive web apps– As the latest trends show, the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet far outweigh those using tablets or desktops. This has led to the growing popularity of progressive web apps. Progressive web apps allow mobile users to access all the functionalities of a website on their mobile devices without the need to download specialized applications. If you aren’t already offering progressive web applications in your basket, then it is time to contact a leading web development company for developing the same. 

Bots and Artificial intelligence– Although Bots and AI have been around for the past few years, their popularity has only increased in recent years. Bots and AI can be used to learn, collect data, and solve user issues without needing the involvement of human beings. Their integration in the website has become critically important as they allow the companies to engage with their customers 24*7. So, if you haven’t already integrated the AI-enabled bots into your website; the time to do it is now. 

Have you updated your website by integrating the above features? If you haven’t, it is time to contact a leading web development company now and stay ahead of the competition. 

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