March 17, 2021
How You Can Collaborate Better with Your Hired Dedicated Creative Graphic Designer
How You Can Collaborate Better with Your Hired Dedicated Creative Graphic Designer
Posted On: March 17, 2021

You might feel intimidated by the mere thought of working with a creative graphic designer. The mere thought of handing over the brand’s identity and reputation to a stranger can make even the most daring person a little anxious. However, risky as it may sound, it is the best step to take your business to the next level. 

So, what you need to know is a way to make the relationship with your graphic designer fruitful and based on mutual understanding. This is because, if you know how to collaborate well with your hired dedicated creative graphic designer; you will be able to reap phenomenal benefits beyond your imagination. However, while etching out the finer details of your relationship it is important to remember that being a creative field, things, therefore, work here on a slightly different note.  

In the following pages, we have compiled for you a list of tips that will help you work collaboratively with your dedicated creative graphic designer. By following these, you can surely get the best for the resources you spend in the relationship. 

Understand What You Need

The best way to ensure that the design you get meets you expect to first understand what you want. This is because unless you understand your needs you will not be able to spell out the same to the designer. What this leads to are numerous iterations and unfruitful collaboration. 

So, the way around is to have a clear understanding of your wants. The better you understand your wants, the better you would be able to tell about the same to your designer. This includes the creative (color scheme, visual style, subject, etc. ) and the business purpose (client, target market, etc.). There is no doubt that you have to leave a lot of aspects of the design to the ability of the designer. But there are certain things that your hired dedicated creative graphic designer cannot know and has to be guided upon like your tastes and your business goal. 

You also need to figure out early about the scope of the project. That is to say, you need to spell out before the commencement of the work whether it will be a one-off assignment or a series of tasks. By clearing out these specifications early on you increase the probability of getting a great design within the time manifold. 

Agree On the Details

While it will take time for you and the designer to agree on the finer aspects of the creatives, it is important to not neglect the concrete details. It is important to discuss issues like schedules, deliverables, payment, and revisions at the start of the project to avoid issues at a later stage. It is always important to set reasonable deadlines as setting shorter deadlines can often lead to disaster. 

Although neither you nor the designers would like to get into such nitty-gritty negotiations at the start of the project; it is important to get these things sorted. By clearing out these issues before the project commencement you can ensure that there are no hiccups midway owing to payment or other issues with the hired dedicated creative graphic designer. Other minor issues like file format should also be ironed out during the early phase to avoid annoying or disastrous consequences at a later stage. 

Show What You Want With a Picture

Everyone wants a design that hooks the audience and also resonates with the brand. You know your wants. But the question is how you will express your wants to hire dedicated creative graphic designer? This is where a picture comes in. We all know the adage that a picture says a thousand words. A picture is the best way to explain to your designer what you are looking for. The visual will help the designer have a peek into your mind and perfectly grasp all the techniques and nuances that you would like in your design. 

Be Specific about Your Problems During Feedback

Even the best graphic designers do not always get it right the first time. Thus feedbacks are a common part of any design project. However, if you do not articulate your issues well, it can often lead to two or more rounds of feedback. One way you can ensure that the feedback process is quickly resolved is by structuring the feedback as a problem instead of the solution. Your designer already knows how to design well and thus instead of telling them how to do the job, you should just explain the issues and let the designer address the issues. 

Make Your Designer a Team Member

Instead of treating your dedicated creative graphic designers as removable assets, you should make them a part of your team. By welcoming them on board and treating them with the same respect as a  team member, you can extract far superior results from them. Making the designers your team member can also help them understand your needs better and help them offer bespoke graphic design services.

Keeping an Open Mind

You hire a graphic designer to bring your idea to life. In this regard, you might already have a vision of what you want to achieve. However, when you collaborate with the graphic designer, you might also receive design inputs from him or her. Thus, you should keep an open mind to receive any creative input that the graphic designer provides so as to make the process more collaborative and lets you achieve superior results. 

Trust your Designer

To get superior results, trust is important. Showing your trust in the designers, lets him reciprocate in the same way and helps you achieve superior results. A relationship built o trust is the key to a healthy relationship. Thus, try to build trust in the designer from an early stage. 

Thus, as discussed in the above pages; it is necessary to have a collaborative relationship with the graphic designer to achieve superior results. Following the above steps can help you achieve a superior collaborative relationship with your dedicated creative graphic designer


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