May 19, 2021
Graphic design rules followed by bespoke graphic design services provider
Graphic design rules followed by bespoke graphic design services provider
Posted On: May 19, 2021

Graphic design can make any website from normal to awesome. The transformation that happens to a website post the application of graphic design is incredible. It is as if a fairy has waved her magic wand and transformed the website. However, as any leading bespoke graphic design services provider would tell, the actual process is much more than that.

Along with a lot of commitment, faith, and pixel dust, the creative process of graphic designing involves a combination of multiple skills and commitment to the golden rules of graphic designing. A commitment to these golden rules can make any design go from being non-existent to wonderful. We have listed down these Golden rules for you in the following paragraphs.

The design should be thought of as a process of communication

The first rule to create excellent graphic designs to understand that the key is communication. Leading bespoke graphic design services providers agree that the primary goal for graphic design is to communicate or to ensure that the communication process is smooth and seamless. 

Knowledge of audience

To offer bespoke graphic design services that stand out it is important to ensure that the design resonates with the band. Thus, knowing the brand and its customers is important to create awesome graphic designs. Thinking about the final customer of the product while designing the graphics can ensure that you give preference to the choices of the customers and put them ahead of yours.

Offer three different graphic design options

A solid understanding of the brand and its customers will help you create awesome graphic design. However, one design idea is not always enough. This is why most hire dedicated creative graphic designer offers multiple graphic design options. The three options can include

1.What the client wants

2.What you feel is appropriate

3.An innovative solution that breaks the mold

The color palette should be simple

Although you might have a wide variety of colors at your disposal it is important not to use them all. Repeating a few colors over and over again can create a more visually appealing and unified end product. Most of the time the colors are specified in the brand guidelines. However, if you have to choose the colors yourself then it is advisable to keep it simple and limited to a maximum of two to three colors in one piece.

Avoid using clashing colors 

While creating the design it is important to have the color wheel in your mind. It is advisable to not place complementary colors side by side as the ages can become vibrant and create distractions.

Use white space

White space- an often overlooked element in a graphic design is fundamentally important. White space not only refers to the white background but also the blank space between different design elements that give them room to breathe. Most hired dedicated creative graphic designers understand and suitable utilize white spaces in their design. 

Creating a visual hierarchy

To create a website design that feels pleasant to the eye it is important to have a visual hierarchy by using elements of different sizes. The most important pieces of information in a website should be crafted using the largest font.

Following the above rules can help you create graphic designs that stand out and makes an impression on the client. If you are having trouble following these rules, then you can always take the services of a bespoke graphic design services provider.

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