July 23, 2021
Are You Aware of the Latest Features of iOS 15
Are You Aware of the Latest Features of iOS 15
Posted On: July 23, 2021

The recent iOS 15 software update along with the iOS features has taken the developers and users by storm. Apple has made some overall improvements and added several functionalities across platforms and devices. These features and functionalities were discussed during WWDC 21. However, if you could not make it to the keynote address, no need to sweat it. In this blog, we will be talking about some of the latest features of iOS 15 for the iPhone.

iOS is often referred to as the heart of the iPhone. Being one of Apple’s earliest and most popular products, developers and customers alike are always eager to know about the new functionalities or features in iPhone. With continual updates to the iOS, iPhone is likely to become more competent in times to come. Important and exciting new changes are likely to define the possibility of the iPhone in near future. You can hire dedicated ios app developer to therefore develop an app for your business that is compatible with iOS 15. 

The new iOS 15 is likely to offer the following features-


Extending Face Time

Apple will for the first time in history extend FaceTime beyond Apple’s closed ecosystem. Users will now be able to generate a like and share the same through emails, messages, third-party apps, and calendars. Other users on a smart device but using a different operating system will be able to join from their browsers through the link and enjoy the fun with its end-to-end encrypted calls.

Audio Enhancements

Frequently, you might face too much background noise in your video calls. However, with the recent ML-based voice enhancement it is now possible for the facetime application to cancel out surrounding noise while it amplifies your voice. Companies offering bespoke mobile app development services can help you leverage benefits out of this update to help your business do better. 

Capturing Noises

Apple has also launched another update that helps you capture noises at times when you want to do the same. For this Apple has launched a new feature named wide spectrum that helps you do just that. 

Spatial Audio

This latest iOS feature makes the participant’s audio contributions feel like they are coming from the place they are seated in the Face time call frame. Your hired dedicated iOS app developer can help you make sense of these developments and features and help you offer a stunning application that entices your customers. 

Improvements to FaceTime video

The portrait mode in Facetime is known for the stunning portrait photos it helps capture. Now Apple has extended this feature in Facetime. In the latest update, it allows the users to blur their background and bring better focus to themselves in the video. 

It has also come up with a grid view for group-based facetime. The new feature, allows the user to see everyone in the group call. The grid for the person talking at a particular time also has an animation to let you know and avoid the hassles involved. Tie up now with a bespoke mobile app development services provider to make sense of these added functionalities and inculcate them in your apps to offer stellar performance. 

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