April 12, 2021
Top Trends in the UI/UX design of mobile apps
Top Trends in the UI/UX design of mobile apps
Posted On: April 12, 2021

The first impression of any mobile application is its UI/UX design. Along with connecting the users to the brand, it makes their journey smooth and increases the application’s ROI. Nothing can stop the success of an application that has great UI design and engaging content. However, with the continuous development of new things, the UX landscape is undergoing continuous transformation. Listed below are top trends in the UI/UX design of mobile apps that are likely to skyrocket in the coming year. These trends are likely to be followed by leading UI UX design company for creating apps that can hook customers and increase ROI. 

Improvement in Personalization


In this year, there would be a greater drive towards mobile app personalization. In the field of mobile app development, tailored UX is becoming highly sought after. Technologies like AI and machine learning are also helping in this seamless customization drive. Thus, you too should ride on the trend and contact a bespoke UI and UX design services provider to develop and offer tailor-made applications. 

Corners Being Rounded


Along with being easy on the eyes, rounded corners on the applications can help in the easy data processing. Owing to these benefits the rounded corners have emerged as a growing trend on the apps for ios and android platforms.

Convenient Interaction Through Voice


There is a continuous evolution of voice-controlled applications to deliver precise and fast results to our queries, offer greater feasibility, and tailor user experience. 

Login Without Password


Since a lot of different types of applications are used daily, it becomes difficult to remember the passwords of all. Thus, any leading UI UX design company is now developing applications that offer users other authentication options and save them from the hassles of remembering different passwords. 

Advancements in Animation


Bespoke UI and UX design services providers are leveraging the stronger and quicker mobile devices to offer more advanced animations. The animations not only help in bridging gaps between the different conditions but also form an essential part of branding.  

Dark Themes


Dark themes that help in saving battery power and reduce the strain on the eye are becoming an increasingly popular feature of the applications. 

Buttonless Design and Liquid Swipe


Instead of using real physical buttons, the designers are now offering buttonless designs to give space for more content. As digital button gives way to gestures, there is a greater focus on content. 



The application of AR/ VR can help in integrating the digital and analog world and offer users a fresh perspective into their digital regime. 

Following the above steps can help bespoke UI and UX design services provider to design applications that not only hooks customers but also generate higher ROI. So, if you want to develop applications that stand out from the crowd, contact Prontet Digital now. 

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