September 2, 2021
PHP Development Trends Leading Web Development Companies Should Be Aware Of
PHP Development Trends Leading Web Development Companies Should Be Aware Of
Posted On: September 2, 2021

As a server-side scripting language, PHP has increasingly gained popularity over the years. Owing to its simplicity and clarity, it is now being used in about 79% of websites across the world. It is also possible to embed PHP in HTML for creating different web pages and websites. 

The leading web development companies should be using PHP due to its robust features and tools. These tools can be used by developers to create a custom-built website as per business requirements. Some other benefits that make PHP attractive are its open-source nature, flexibility and scalability, affordability, ease of maintenance, compatibility with different frameworks, etc. 

PHP also stands out due to the detailed documentation and huge community support. It is for this reason that PHP was used by web development companies for creating popular websites like Wikipedia, MailChimp, Tumblr, etc. PHP stands out amongst its competitors as the most favourable programming language. 

Listed below are some of the PHP development trends that every company offering web development services should be aware of.  These trends can help developers to create more competitive and creative websites.    

Top Trends in PHP Development


Progressive Web Apps


Progressive web applications can be the finest option to offer your users mind-boggling fast native applications. Many popular businesses and brands have already opted for PWAs and witnessed a significant jump in engagement level and conversion rates. Some of the breakthrough features offered by PWAs are high security, the ability to work offline, extreme speeds, and responsiveness. 

Push Notifications


Push notifications are no longer sent only in mobile applications to boost customer engagement. Instead, these days every website or web apps are using push notifications to communicate with customers or keep them updated about the latest offerings. So, companies offering web development services should use this feature in the websites they create. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality


Augmented and Virtual reality can be used to improve search options. These technologies are being used in the web development sphere as well. Leading companies like Google, YouTube and Microsoft have started leveraging the prospects offered by AR and VR to offer customers a better view of the products they intend to purchase. The AR/ VR market is still growing and leading Web development companies should explore the possibility of using these technologies in the websites they develop. 

Internet of Things


IoT is one of the digital technologies that is growing at an impressive rate. Leading PHP developers should,  therefore, explore the possibility of working with IoT. IoT can be used in combination with other robust tools by leading web development companies to offer highly effective solutions. 

Headless Development


One of the leading PHP development trends in 2021 is headless development. It is a kind of software program structure that operates sans the front-end. It is popularly referred to as API-first or serverless strategy. The architecture can be used to decouple the back-end from the front end. Using this strategy, the tailor-made web development services providers can boost the underperforming areas of the website. 

Along with leading web developers, the trends can also be used by anyone wanting to create a great website. However, it is important to use these trends based on your requirements. In this regard, it is best to connect with a leading web development company, like Pronet Digital. 

So, do not hesitate! Connect with the experts at Pronet Digital now and build your ideal website. 


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