March 24, 2021
2021: New Updates to Shape Your Digital Marketing Strategy
2021: New Updates to Shape Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Posted On: March 24, 2021

The last year was a watershed year for many business owners and marketers. Although businesses were headed towards the digital age, the onslaught of Covid 19 gave a major push to digitalization. With the prevalence of social distancing norms across the world, the shift to technology-driven marketing accelerated by many years. 

As a prominent digital marketing trend, the pandemic changed the way we consume different things from products to media.  Online shopping gained new traction and Tiktok became a social media sensation. People increasingly used video calls and virtual media interactions to stay in touch. Brands too became aware of their role in social issues with many diversifying their product lines to suit the need of people during pandemics. 

While consumers defined the digital landscape, companies and businesses scrambled to adapt themselves and meet the rapidly changing consumer demands. Thus, change in marketing dynamics; it would be best to change the digital marketing strategy as your business leaps forward. Listed here are some of the digital marketing trends that would shape the digital marketing strategy of any leading digital marketing company. 


SEO-updates – Search Intent


In earlier days Google ranked pages based on keywords and link quality. However, as search engines become smarter, they take into consideration the intent behind a search as an additional factor to rank a page. So, as businesses go digital, you need to craft your website content in a way that can address the search intent of people.  


SEO-updates- Ranking based on the Passage


Instead of listing down the webpages in response to a particular search query, Google is now directly giving answers to searches in the form of paragraphs. Going ahead, Google is going to further develop this capability as it aims to refine its voice search offerings. This update is also set to have a major impact on the click-through rates as people get answers to their searches directly on google. So, going ahead, any leading digital marketing company has to consider this factor while forming their digital marketing strategy. 


Page Experience and Core Web Vitals


Along with existing search signals, Google is all set to roll out an algorithmic update to also consider web vitals and user experience while ranking the website. Thus, companies offering guaranteed digital marketing services have to consider factors like loading time, first input delay, and visual stability while designing the website. 


AI Search


As Google uses AI to refine search results and match them more effectively with search intent;  it is going to play a major role in shaping the digital marketing strategies of leading digital marketing companies while they offer guaranteed digital marketing services


Mobile Indexing


As Google gives more priority to mobile indexing over desktop indexing, it is going to drop down sites that are websites only. Assets or images that are desktop only are likely to be dropped as well. 


Voice Search


As voice search is all set to become the next big thing, it will revolutionize the way people search for a thing and the way search engines work. So, any leading digital marketing company has to consider this while offering guaranteed digital marketing services

Thus, with a rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, leading digital marketing companies, need to constantly update their strategy so as to keep pace with the developments.

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